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Raja Rishi Dr. Krishna Kumar
Dr. G. Krishna Kumar is a distinguished physician..

Dr. Krishna Kumar is particularly known for giving the scientific...
Divine Vision of Eternal Mother
During deep meditative Kundalini experience Dr. Krishna Kumar had ...
Shanmatha PeetamShanmatha is the six paths of worship as propounded by Sri Adi Shankara and our Temple has all shrines for all six sannidhanams namely... More
GanapadhyamLord Ganesha is the first deity installed at the Parashakthi Temple on October 19, 1999(Vijaya Dasami)... More
ShaktamTo those who adore thee, O' Mother, Thou grantest all boons, Thou art the origin of the Vedas and of all the Worlds...More
RajagopuramThe Rajagopuram at parashakthi temple will be 54 ft tall and will incorporate the ancient stone architecture ans per divine mother instructions, the... More
Shakthi GarbhaShakthi Garbha is the energizing source for all the 450 Devathas on our Rajagopuram, who will continuously shower ... More
Sri ChakraSri Chakra is the Mother of all Yantras, and is a mystical geometric representation of the Transcendental Supreme, Non-dual...More
The Guru's WisdomDr. G.Krishna Kumar explained to the devotee regarding the mystical significance of the day and explained the audience that planets have ... More
450 DevathasThe Major Deities will be Adi Parashakthi (Maha Mayee KaRuMari) on the seventh floor of the Eastern ...More
18 Maha Shakthi PeetamsThe Shakthi Pithas are places of worship consecrated to the goddess Shakti or Sati, the female principal of ...More